Carol Cizauskas
"Believe that life is worth living
and your belief will create the fact."
             - William James
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I am an international correspondent
who covers the news
in a factual, fascinating manner
that draws attention to important issues
and allows the world
to work on creative solutions to our challenges. 
I am compensated well financially
and with responsibility and recognition for the work I do. 
I am exuberant in doing my work
and experiencing its results.
Enjoying the sun and water at gorgeous Lake Tahoe, 2000.
Like the water goddesses of old who  tempted Ulysses from his odyssey, let me draw you from your toils, weary traveler. Come, rest and revel in
my weekly radio show on
High Sierra Community Radio.

Follow the alluring beauty of
Tuesday nights at 10 p.m.,
on SNCAT channel 17,
Charter Communications cable television in Reno and Sparks, Nevada
Carol's articles
Info Babe on KKOH
I  write!
Listen to me, the Info Babe !:
Sundays 7pm -12 midnight,
on News Talk 780 KOH Radio.
Carol touring Anchor Brewing Company
Great news
I am the radio manager for
High Sierra Community Radio of Reno Nevada.
That's me (in July 2000),
Steve Parkes, owner of
American Brewers Guild, and my brother Tom.
High Sierra Community Radio
Webcasting 101
Just a few  years back,
I attended my 20th high school reunion
Bishop Denis J. O'Connell High School!

Here is  the text of my letter
to my classmates.

Happiness blowing in the wind
Tricia's graduation from Marymount University in Spring 1985
R to L:  Carol at 23,
Tricia Tavenner (now Levesque) at 23,
Frank Brennan Tavenner (Tricia's dad, now deceased),
Mary Teresa Tavenner, Tricia's mom
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